The case study course

About us

The case study course is a student-run association at the University of Cologne. By participating at our sessions which take place every semester, selected students get the opportunity to develop their skills with regards to solving business cases and presenting the results. At the same time, we bring the participants into contact with five highly reputable consulting firms which provide insights about their work, culture, people and application process. If you are interested to learn more about the world of consulting or plan to apply at consulting firms in the future, the case study course is a great opportunity for that -
regardless of your pursued degree (Bachelor, Master, PhD) or background (Business, Natural Science, ...)!

Applications are currently closed, the next application phase will be in March/April 2022!

Since some sessions will probably take place in Cologne, it is important that you are theoretically able to join all sessions in person!

What our participants say

The firms used the sessions to introduce their company and to give us advice regarding case solving, future job interviews, applications and career options. Looking back, I can definitely recommend a participation as it helped me to grow personally and convinced me to pursue a career in consulting.

Lisa B.

Student of Corporate Development (participated in summer 2020)

The case study course was a unique opportunity to practice case studies in a real setting which gave me a lot of confidence in later job interviews. I also particularly liked that you get to know real consultants and could ask them anything about their personal experience and tips for applications.

Laura J.

Student of Management, Society, Technology (participated in summer 2020)


The was founded in the late 1990s by Paul Drew-Bear, Director of the American Management Seminars and Visiting Lecturer at the University of Cologne. In 2012, nine students founded the e.V. as the student-run continuation of Drew-Bear's iniated course. Since then, the club exists in its current form, enabling selected students every semester to improve their consulting-specific case-solving skills and to get into contact with some of the world's most renowned consulting firms.