How does a typical Session of the case.study.course look like?

In a regular session, you will meet consultants from our corporate partner of that particular session and you will be challenged by them with a case. These cases, you will solve in groups of 3 or 4 people. After working through them in the groups, you will present the results in front of the consultants. In the aftermath, you as well as your group as a whole, will get a feedback by both the consultants as well as the board of the Case.Study.Course. Sometimes, corporate partners would like to focus on certain aspects of case studies, interview skills or presentation techniques, and therefore might alter the sessions to a topic-specific workshop. Besides that, our kick-off session will provide all participants with the theoretical background you will need for the upcoming sessions and is therefore held by the Case.Study.Course. For further information, have a look at sessions.

What can I learn from the course?

The focus of the Case.Study.Course is on solving cases. Therefore you will acquire diverse skills that are related to team-based case solving and presentation of results. This includes problem-solving techniques and concepts, team working under pressure, interview procedures and several more. Former participants reported that they greatly improved their strength and sovereignty that are relevant for interviews.

How many students participate?

Usually, we admit 16 students to our session series.

Who can apply?

We accept applications of enrolled bachelor, master and doctoral students. There are no restrictions regarding study subject or university.

Can I earn ECTS credits?

Not for the Case.Study.Course. Still, there are occasionally events, where participants can earn ECTS credits.

Is there a dress code?

We would like to support a pleasant atmosphere and therefore kindly ask you to wear a dress-shirt, but NO ties or suits. During our welcome session, you will get an impression of the established dress code.

Do I get a proof of participation?

Yes. A formal certificate will be handed out to you if you do not miss more than one session. The document will be signed by the organization board, as well as by Prof. Dr. Thonemann.

How many sessions can I miss?

One session. If you miss more than one session, there is no chance to receive a proof of participation.